Domestic Holiday Packages

Sprinkled beautifully on the canvas of India, are vibrant hues of different cultures, religions and landscapes! It is a place that satiates the true hunger for travel, as it gives you not one, but a variety of reasons to fall for!

They say charity begins at home, Birdcube Travel says travelling begins from home and to us, India is the home! There are endless reasons, so as to why you should check out our domestic tour packages in India. It’s not because of our second to none services, as they stick to you wherever you go; it’s about India itself. This place is full diversities that will give you a sweet surprise and will fill your kitty with an experience of a life time. Have a look and decide for yourself. The best domestic holiday packages by BirdCube Travel are always at your service.

Nature at its best

With the mighty Himalayas taking care of the north and the Indian Ocean enveloping the south, India stands firm on the grounds of natural beauty. For the altitude lovers, Uttarakhand tour packages, Ladakh tour packages and many more! Further, it’s not just the mountains that define the splendour of the nation; there are sandy beaches, back waters, steeped valleys, amazing plateaus, dense woods, tea plantations & more that compel a nature lover to add this destination in his bucket list. And when you like this place, we automatically love it; it’s like your likeness for a place is directly proportional to our travel packages. Thus we offer you, value for money domestic holiday packages in India.

Exemplary Man-Made Marvels

Have you heard of Taj Mahal? Of course you would have, silly question indeed. It stands among one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Though there have been debates that this historic site should be or should not be honoured as a wonder in the new census, the white marble mausoleum stood there only with all its elegance intact. Likewise, there are various other monuments, for example the Jal Mahal, Red Fort, Hawa Mahal, so on & so forth that act as a magnet and drive people galore to India. Our domestic holiday tour packages will make you witness these man-made marvels, so that you learn a new definition of architecture. In fact, our Rajasthan tour packages can serve this purpose at its best.

Epitome of Rich Culture

As aforesaid, India has got a very vibrant cultural heritage. After every few kilometres, the language changes and you get to meet a different set of people. Every day is like a celebration here and if you are high on party spirit, then our domestic holiday packages in India are the best for you. From the history of the saints to the legacy of the dictators, this nation has a treasure trunk that never runs short of trinkets. You will sleep to one of the folklore and will get up to another, and most of them are more than just stories, they are the way people live here.

On one hand we have Sikkim tour package that will bring you close to our sweet North-East Indian lifestyle and on the other we have Goa tour package that will open to you the chapter of Portuguese Colony. Still have second thoughts about exploring India? No issues, as neither are we nor our domestic holiday tour packages arerunning anywhere.

Land of wilderness

Wildlife is one of the factors that have a major influence on India’s tourism, certainly in a positive way. The fauna and flora of India are just too beautiful to ignore. This nation is a home to the beasts of the woods. Sharing the land here are the Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Lions, One-horned Rhinoceros and Asiatic Elephants. Besides these predators, also inhabit different breeds of deer, red panda and many other creatures. Our domestic holiday packages in India will provide you a glimpse of this wilderness at its best.

This brief account ends here, and perhaps the journey begins!

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